Career Opportunties

Job Title: Montessori Teacher

Job Duties: Use professional Montessori teaching method to teach kindergarten level students. Plan and design lessons, curriculum and coordinate classroom activities with school-wide activities. Introduce children to numbers, math, language, science, music, cultural studies, and social studies. Design activities to develop students’ concentration, persistence and orderly work habits. Stimulate students to become active participants in the learning process. Observe and evaluate students’ performance and potential and use the Montessori methods to measure students’ development and achievement. Use games, music, artwork and traditional Montessori materials and teaching technology to stimulate students’ thought and creativity. Correspond with the parents of the students and talk about the progress of the students. Explain any questions that the parents may have regarding their children.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Art or Science (Education, Business, Science, English, or related) and 6 months’ work or intern teaching experience at a Montessori school.

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